Zadar - Croatia

The activities of our organization in Zadar are materialized mainly by the CZECH LANGUAGE SECTION at ZADAR UNIVERSITY.

It has  been agreed with the leadership of Zadar University that the teaching of Czech will take place at the Department of Croatian and Slavonic Studies and will be organized in the form of optional subjects, Czech Language for Slavists 1 and Czech Language for Slavists 2.

In order to make the teaching of Czech language accessible to students of non-Slavic courses, the offer of university-wide accessible subjects was complemented in time with subjects Czech in Tourism 1-4, which makes the study of Czech language accessible to students of all departments. Knowledge of the language, which can be achieved during the four semesters, is mainly used by students of tourism.

The lectures and seminars of the Czech language, led from the very beginning by graduates of Croatian language at Masaryk University in Brno, also focus on activities aimed at increasing the awareness of students about the Czech Republic and the activities of the South Moravian Region in Croatia.

The operation of the Czech language section at the University of Zadar contributes to the general presentation of the South Moravian Region among the inhabitants of the county by organizing cultural and educational events. Under the guidance of lecturer Kristýna Rygolová, Croatian students annually prepare a "Czech Day", whose program consists of professional presentations and an accompanying cultural programme.

Student interest in the South Moravian Region and the Czech Republic as a whole is supported by the following KJMK projects:

- a sightseeing and study stay of Croatian students in the South Moravian Region, where the course participants are acquainted with the Czech environment, cultural heritage and life in the Czech Republic,

- a two-week intensive language course during which students have 60 lessons and also the opportunity to discover the South Moravian Region.

The above mentioned activities result in a high interest in learning Czech every year.

The section also endorses Croatian students' interest in study trips to the South Moravian Region. Several students of optional Czech language at the University of Zadar have chosen Masaryk University for their semester stay through international exchange programmes.

The cooperation between the South Moravian Region and the Zadar Region in the field of education can be described as successful, beneficial and well-functioning thanks to the Czech language section and the activity of the allowance organization. Our share in the development of activities between the South Moravian Region and the Zadar County has an upward trend.