Zadar - Chorvatsko

Activities of our organization in Zadar are represented primarily by the Czech language centre at Zadar University.

We reached an agreement with Zadar University about teaching Czech language as a voluntary subject for students of Croatian and Slavic Department. Originally there were Czech language 1 and Czech language 2 courses, however due to high interest of Croatian students we now offer also Czech language 3 and Czech language 4 courses.

We also wanted to offer Czech courses to students outside Croatian and Slavic Department. For this reason we created courses Czech language in tourism 1-4 which are available to all  Zadar University students. These courses last four semesters and the students acquire language skills useful especially in tourism area.

The lectures and seminars of Czech language are led by Croatian language graduates from Masaryk University in Brno. The lecturers are also teaching more about Czech republic in general and about the activities of the South Moravian region in Croatia.