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Report about the teaching of Czech language in Šumadija

19. 2. 2017

At the premises of the lectureship of Czech language in Šumadija takes place language lessons of six group of students from the first half of the school year 2016/2017. The first group of beginners at the Kragujevac Gymnasium comprises of 17 students. There are mostly high school students, most of them are student of the above mentioned Gymnasium. However we can find some university students among them. There is also a group for advanced students that comprises of six students ( five high school students and one university student). Two of them attended Czech language course at Sokolnice last year and two other took a high school internship in Brno. There is also the group for graduates of two-year course that comprises of six students as well. Two students passed the language preparation and high school internship, and the remaining three attended other programs organized by our funded by our organization. All these students speaks excellent Czech and seeks to maintain and deepen the knowledge acquired from the training and experience of the Czech language environment. The first group of beginners at the first technical school  comprises of 29 students.  They are mostly in their second year at the technical school.  After successfully completing the course, beginners can be selected for a three-year study at high school at Sokolnice at the South Moravian region. There is a high interest to study at the Czech Republic showed by the students. Many want to continue with their university education at the Czech Republic. The study at Sokolnitce as well as university studies at the Czech Republic will enable them to much better position at the labor market in Serbia. Secondary and university studies in the Czech Republic are significantly better than in Serbia, and thus the students have the possibility to gain more knowledge in the Czech Republic than in Serbia. Arandjelovac is a city of more than ten times less than Kragujevac. Therefore, the number of students is also smaller. In addition, there must be a course held at a time when lessons take place at the local grammar school (on whose premises the course is organised). Students must therefore go out of their lessons in order to be present at the Czech language lessons. The group of beginners consists of 3 students and the advanced group comprises of 4 students. Two of them passed the language preparation at the South Moravian region. All of them shows an interest to be part of the university education in the Czech Republic. Every year, students of Arandjelovec are able to obtain scholarships to study in the Czech Republi. There are always excellent students who are beneficial for the Czech academia after graduation and return to Serbia and use their´s experience at the Serbian labor market and get an employment that would not otherwise get. To encourage the development of these towns and thereby also the surrounding rural areas is particularly important, since unlike large cities in Serbia they noticeably lagg behind. As mentioned above, studies at Czech universities is a great benefit both for the students and their future and for the future of Serbia. They can obtain high quality and internationally recognized education in the Czech Republic, along with a number of theoretical and practical experiences that will help them greatly in their future career after returning to Serbia. Their ambition is to become outstanding professionals in their fields to help not only themselves, but also Serbia in its further development.