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Those interested in studying Czech languagage in Brno. ATTENTION!

20. 4. 2016

On the 22nd of April 2016 an audition will take place at the Serbian Kragujevac, during which those interested in teaching Czech language (mainly from Brno) will present  themselves to teachers in Kragujevac and Arandjelovci. The selection procedure is designed for those interested in participating in the two-semester long Czech language course at the Masaryk University at Brno. The selection procedure will consist of a written part, which will focus on grammar and the ability of writing in the Czech language interview conducted in Serbian and Czech language, which will be oriented on students´plans of the candidates after completing a two-semester course. Participants will be selected on the basis of the following criterias: properly completed application, which participants submit on time and the remaining documentation required by the course, interest in studying Czech language at universities in the Czech Republic with regard to the desirability and necessity of their field of study in Serbia, study results at secondary school or college , academic performance and attendance in Czech language course, the result of the written test in the Czech language, which will be created specifically for the purpose of selecting candidates for the two-semester course and an interview with representatives of the our office and also the independence and responsibility of the applicant. The Office will ensure successful candidates  the two-semester course at the faculty of philosophy at the Masaryk University at Brno, two-week intensive course (February 2017) accommodation in student dormitories in Brno and return ticket from place of residence to Brno once during an academic year. South Moravian Region will pay to  selected candidates a monthly allowance of 4.000, - CZK. Candidates will  bear the costs of visas, health insurance, food, public transport and administrative costs associated with the stay in the Czech Republic and future university studies.

Selection procedure of applicants for language prepareration will be based on a properly and on time completed application  and documentation, regular attendance at the Czech course and results of the course. Language preparation of Czech language will take place at Sokolnice during the period of 14th to 26th of August 2016. The Office wil ensure to the successful candidates an accommodation at  the premises of Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Energy at Sokolnice and courses of Czech languge, which will be held from Monday to Friday six hours a day, ie. a total of 60 hours.

Participants of secondary educational stay in the South-Moravian Region, which will take place from 14th of August  to 7th of November, 2016, will be selected on the basis of a properly and on time completed application and documentation, regular attendance at Czech language course, their results of the course and achieved results during their studies at secondary school . The succesfull candidates will spend the first two weeks will spend by learning the Czech language within the language preparation.  From 1st of September  2016, t an educational stay/ internship will be ensured for succesfull candidates. The fokus of an internship will be similar to the one in Serbia. 

The results of selection procedure of candidates for a two-semester course, language preparation and an internship will be known after 15th of May 2016.