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Workshop products of social service providers on their way to Brussels!

13. 6. 2017

Craft plakat

Beautiful candles, soaps made by using 3D printers, ceramic, wicker, textile and other products of workshops of social service providers Zámeček Střelice, p.o. Zelený dům pohody from Hodonin, p.o. are going to Brussels to represent the South Moravian Region at the occassion at the NATO Arts & Crafts Fair that will take place on June 15! 

ZÁMEČEK STŘELICE (http://www.zamecekstrelice.cz/)

is a state-funded organization from the South Moravian Region, which provides the following services according to the Act on Social Services
No. 108/2006:

  - a home for people with disabilities

  - week-care stationary

  - day-care stationary 

Social services are designed for people with mental disabilities (men and women) from the age of 3, at the day-care stationary after attending compulsory school attendance.

More about Social therapy workshops and product examples here: http://www.zamecekstrelice.cz/cz/aktivizacni-cinnosti/socialne-terapeuticke-dilny


ZELENÝ DŮM POHODY HODONÍN (http://www.zelenydumpohody.cz/)

is a state-funded organization founded by the Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region and provides four types of social services:

  - day-care stationary

  - week-care stationary

  - a home for people with disabilities

  - protected housing

Social services are intended for :

  - people with mental disabilities (both men and women)

  - mental disability can also be associated with light combined impairment (physical, sensory)

  - from 18 to 64 years of age / from 19 to 64 years of age - in protected housing

More about occupational therapies and the possibility of purchasing products here: