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Monitoring EU week 26.-30.6.

30. 6. 2017

obrazek perex2

Read the latest Monitoring EU describing a really busy program that we had last week.

We can emphasize the attendance of Councilor at the 7th Cohesion Forum in Brussels; the General Assembly of the PURPLE: peri-urban region platform where the JMK is a member and meeting with the president of this platform; co-organization of sixth Science café popularizing science; presentation of Lipka's activities in the area of garden therapy within the ERRIN Working Group: Health, this time focused on mental health and well-being, and last but not least, the ceremonial completion of the Summer University of the Czech Language in ULB in Brussels.

Furthermore, monitoring this time, for example, describes the possibility of continuing the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and the European Union (TTIP); the fine imposed by the European Commission on Google for abusing a dominant position on the market, or the European Commission's proposal to set up pan-European pension products and to encourage citizens to save to their retirement. 



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