Representation of the South Moravian Region in Brussels cooperates with other European regions, promotes the South Moravian region abroad, establishes new contacts, provides information about current events in European politics, presents and promotes the interests of the region to the European institutions and contributes to the sustainable development of the South Moravian region.

The Representation is regularly providing information about new EU legislation, European funds and programmes, project partnerships and competitions. It sends reports from conferences and workshops, prepares and implements seminars, represents the region on working groups and facilitates presentations of speakers from the South Moravian region.

The Representation also provides contacts between responsible representatives of the European institutions and South Moravian representatives from policy area, public administration, science and business sphere. It organizes presentation events: exhibitions, film screenings, sale events of South Moravian artists and others. About 8 students or workers from our partnersinstitutions (MU, project managers FNUSA – ICRC) realize an internship every year.

Expected benefits of our activities are: direct access to new information about politics, legislation and funding programmes of the EU, establishing alliances with other regions, influencing EU politics, increased interest in cooperation with subjects from the South Moravian region, development of tourism in the region.

Among our partners in Brussels are: European Commission, European Parliament, CZELO, CEBRE, Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union, Czech Centre, Czech Tourism Office and others. In the South Moravian region we are cooperating with South Moravian Innovation Centre, The Statutory City of Brno, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University, Czech Tourism Centre – South Moravia, Viniculture Fund, Chamber of Commerce and others.